Kuljetusliitot KL has been founded

SAK-affiliated unions – Finnish Transport Workers’ Union (AKT), Finnish Post and Logistics Union (PAU), Finnish Seafarers' Union (SMU), Finnish Locomotivemen´s  Union (VML) and Railway Salaried Staff’s Union (RVL) – have today founded an organization called Kuljetusliitot KL. The purpose of the organization is to advance and develop the co-operation between unions, protection of interests and the collective labor agreement activities. 

The founding of the Kuljetusliitot KL serves also to strengthen the long-standing agreement between unions regarding mutual support for collective labor agreement negotiations. It also aims to guarantee the strong position of the unions as protectors and advancers of the benefits and rights of the workers in the field of transport.   
The founding unions already work in joint premises which will facilitate the future co-operation. 

The Finnish Seafarers' Union’s chairperson Simo Zitting will start as chairperson of the Board of the Kuljetusliitot KL. Other members of the Board are Marko Piirainen (chairperson of the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union), Heidi Nieminen (chairperson of the Finnish Post and Logistics Union), Tero Palomäki (chairperson of the Locomotive Drivers Union) and Kari Vähäuski (chairperson of the Railway Salaried Staff’s Union).

For additional information:
Simo Zitting, chairperson, tel. nbr. 0400 813 079
Marko Piirainen, chairperson, tel. nbr. 0400 729 450
Heidi Nieminen, chairperson, tel. nbr.  050 340 3217
Tero Palomäki, chairperson, tel. nbr. 044 737 9797
Kari Vähäuski, chairperson, tel. nbr. 040 863 424

Päivitetty: 28.5.2018