What is a strike?

A strike, or work stoppage, is an industrial action in which people refuse to work. The purpose of a strike is to promote collective bargaining. A strike is the harshest industrial action. Other industrial action measures include, for example, a ban on overtime and a ban on changing shifts. In the Employment Contracts Act, a strike refers to a strike stipulated in the Collective Agreements Act and other industrial actions implemented by an employee association.

When does the strike start and end?

There is no ongoing strike at the moment.

How can I make a living during the strike?

AKT will pay its members a strike allowance of 67 EUR per day for 5 days a week, unless there are more actual working days. The allowance is also paid to members of other trade unions who participate in an AKT strike. You can apply for the strike allowance by filling out AKT’s strike allowance application. The allowance can be applied for after the end of a strike calendar week. You can find more information about strike allowances and how to apply here.