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AKT – Our Union

Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT represents and promotes the interests of 40.000 transport professionals.  Any registered associations – local union branches – organizing workers, employees or self-employed persons in road transport, stevedoring and other transport related lines of business, for example vehicle maintenance and repairs of transport companies as well as road tanker and oil product industries, transport terminals, tourist transportation, cabin crew, diverse forwarding businesses as well as in driving instruction are welcome to join the AKT.

AKT negotiates and concludes collective agreements in 18 sectors. Improving the terms of work and pay, developing occupational health and safety as well as raising the social standing and training level of the membership are among the primary aspirations of the Union.

Members of the Unemployment Fund of the Transport Workers Union qualify for earnings-related unemployment benefit.

AKT is affiliated to SAK, the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions. Within the SAK, AKT is one of affiliates in the Transport Sector Consultative Committee. The Committee consists of all transport unions affiliated to SAK. AKT is also an affiliate to KAF, Transport Unions Federation, organizing transport unions affiliated not only to SAK but also to STTK, the Finnish Confederation of Professionals.

AKT is also involved in international activities. AKT is an affiliate to NTF, the Nordic Transport Workers Federation and to ETF, European Transport Workers Federation, as well as to ITF

Labour Relations

AKT shop stewards, union branches, regional offices as well as the central office are all available for members in case they need advice and assistance in matters related to labour relations and interpretation of Collective Agreements.

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