The political industrial action 1.-2.2.2024

We are publishing information on this page for the members of the Finnish Transport Workers' Union (AKT) related to the action days on February 1.-2.2.2024

A political industrial action is intended to oppose government or parliamentary decisions. Its goal is not to influence collective agreements but rather labor legislation. In Finland, participating in a political industrial action is legal – it is a fundamental right protected by the constitution and international agreements. An employee can legally choose not to attend their work shift in order to participate in a political industrial action against political decision-makers.
Within the scope of political industrial action are all tasks covered by the collective agreement negotiated by the AKT.
The strike applies to all tasks, regardless of the employee's role or whether the person is a member of AKT or not.
Excluded from the strike is protective work: Work carried out to ensure the safety of life, health, and the environment is not affected by the work stoppage. The political industrial action applies to tasks performed by the companies listed in the link below, including their subsidiaries and affiliates, at all locations. The work stoppage also includes tasks subcontracted by these companies.

Link to listed companies sites are in Finnish
Where can I get income during a strike? sites are in Finnish

Employers have the right to withhold pay from those participating in a political work stoppage. The AKT (Finnish Transport Workers' Union) pays strike support of 60 euros to its members who participate in the strike. The application for strike support is submitted electronically using the AKT strike support application, which opens after the strike. In addition members of other unions are also entitled to strikeassistance. You are entitled to strike support if you have joined as a member of AKT by January 31. 2024.

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