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We invite you to join Auto- ja Kuljetusalan Työntekijäliitto AKT ry

As a trade union member, your employer cannot decide your terms of employment as they please. Your membership gives you the support of all our members!

Your workplace’s shop steward (luottamusmies) should always be your first stop for help. The shop steward has been trained by AKT and knows the terms of employment. They can help you stand your ground. Another important person is your occupational health and safety representative. Your union can also help you directly.

Among your membership benefits, the biggest and most comprehensive is your industry’s collective agreement. AKT represents the employees – you and other workers. The trade union negotiates collective agreements with the employers’ associations. While Finnish law says precious little about the terms of employment, the agreements negotiated by your trade union cover much more: your pay, evening and night work bonuses, holiday bonuses, better sick pay, paid time off to care for an ill child, family leave pay, and training.

The collective agreement also covers working conditions and hours, as well as holidays and leave – a big deal. In addition to other holidays and leave, the agreement includes worktime shortening. When Finland transitioned to shorter working days, transport workers’ working hours were reduced by full days off (pekkaspäivä). These are an important benefit for employees.

Membership benefits include advice and guidance: AKT helps you resolve issues with work and pay.
Most problems in the workplace or with pay can be resolved by negotiation, assisted by the shop steward. In larger disputes, AKT members are eligible for legal aid. This means the union will plead the member’s case in a court of law and bear the legal expenses.

AKT’s holiday homes are a great membership benefit. They can be rented at a low cost. Our holiday homes are where Finns like to take their holidays: at Levi, Ylläs, Saariselkä, Ruka, Himos, and Tahko.

You will also receive the AKT calendar for your logging of hours worked. AKT organises training for its members. The union also provides other benefits such as affordable union member insurance offered by Turva and a fuel benefit at Neste stations. Another membership benefit is a 45-day BookBeat audiobook subscription. The BookBeat service offers works in 17 languages. We also provide reduced cruise tickets. AKT organises national events and sports competitions.

Members pay a membership fee. The membership fee is tax-deductible. The fee includes membership in our unemployment fund, which means a better allowance if you are unemployed.

In Finland, every employee has the right and freedom to join a trade union. It is completely legal and appropriate. By joining us, you also help everyone else. Union members will appreciate you joining the crew. Together, we can influence our pay and important social issues.

AKT is known as a strong union, with some 40,000 members. Our members work as lorry, tanker, and bus drivers. We also have members who work as dockers, taxi drivers, and flight crew, and in terminals, repair shops, travel agencies, ports, and driving schools.

Trade unions work together to improve the terms of employment. This is why every member – that means you – is important and very welcome!

Contact us whenever you need help. Our union hotline is available at +358 9 6131 1222. For membership matters, call +358 9 6131 1244. We speak at least Finnish and English.  You can use the QR code link to email us.

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Päivitetty: 6.5.2024