The AKT executive committee decided on sympathy actions for Tesla


In the meeting 7th of December Finnish Transport Workers´ Union AKT´s executive committee decided that AKT also joins with other unions to support Tesla workers. Blockade of Tesla vehicles starts in all the ports 20th December. That means Tesla vehicles or components destined to Swedish markets are not loaded by dockers.

AKT has been following developments on Tesla strike in Sweden. Our sympathies have all along been on the side of Tesla workers and the unions. It is obviously important to have a collective agreement for all workers.

-    IF Metall and Swedish workers have AKT´s full support. It is a crucial part of the Nordic labour market model that we have collective agreements and unions support each other, says Ismo Kokko the president of Finnish Transport Workers´ Union AKT.

Swedish trade union IF Metall has been trying for a long time to get a collective agreement for workers on Tesla workshops. The situation escalated to strike several weeks ago. Tesla and Elon Musk have an international anti-union policy in all the Tesla workplaces. Tesla has refused to sign collective agreements for its workers also in Sweden. That is against the whole Swedish labour market system.

Tesla strike has got support from several other unions in Sweden including transport unions in Sweden (Svenska Transportareförbundet). They have joined forces in solidarity to force Tesla to respect workers´ rights and Swedish legislation.

The Nordic transport unions stand united in this matter. Ismo Kokko is also the president of Nordic Transport Workers´ Federation. IF Metall has asked for support from other Nordic transport unions.

Danish Union 3F and Norwegian Fellesforbundet have already announced support to IF Metall. AKT from Finland now also joins the action.
In the meeting 7th of December AKT´s executive committee decided that AKT also joins the other unions to support Tesla workers.


Päivitetty: 7.12.2023